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Natasha Baker

Business Development Manager


Natasha Simonne Baker brings her exceptional skills and diverse background to Rana Lawyers as the Business Development Manager. With a rich history in graphic design and a deep understanding of business development, Natasha plays a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of our firm.

Natasha’s unique combination of creative talents and business acumen sets her apart. Her extensive experience in graphic design infuses creativity into every facet of her work. This creative sensibility, coupled with her keen understanding of business strategies, enables Natasha to craft innovative marketing approaches that elevate our firm’s reputation.

As Business Development Manager, Natasha’s responsibilities encompass vital aspects of our firm’s operations, including:

Advertising Coordination: Natasha meticulously orchestrates advertising campaigns, ensuring that our message reaches our intended audience effectively.

Website Development: Collaborating with external web development experts, she leads the enhancement of our online presence, creating user-friendly and informative websites that reflect our commitment to excellence.

Financial Oversight: Natasha serves as our paymaster, managing financial transactions with precision and transparency.

Innovation and Creativity: Natasha’s background in graphic design imbues her work with a fresh and creative perspective. She leverages this creative flair to devise marketing strategies that resonate with our clients while upholding our commitment to practising law with integrity.

Natasha Simonne Baker’s multifaceted role as Business Development Manager exemplifies her unwavering dedication to advancing our firm’s growth while upholding the highest standards of professionalism. Her creative vision and strategic thinking make her an invaluable asset to our team, contributing to our continued success. Outside of work, Natasha is very family driven, and prioritises spending time with her young children.

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