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What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering involves conduct such as:

The legal framework requires proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual engaged in money laundering was aware, or should reasonably have been aware, that their actions were aimed at concealing the criminal origins of the funds or property.

For instance, if an individual knowingly accepts money gained from drug trafficking and attempts to integrate it into the legal financial system by purchasing assets or depositing the funds into bank accounts, this could be seen as a clear attempt at money laundering. The court examines all evidence to decide if, under the given circumstances, the accused’s conduct suggests an intention to launder money.

A common misunderstanding about money laundering is that rectifying the movement of illicit funds, such as giving money back to its lawful owner, will result in charges being dropped. This is not accurate. In fact, attempts to ‘make good’ after charges have been laid could potentially be interpreted by the court as an admission of guilt.

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Can you go to jail for money laundering?

Under the Criminal Code Act 1899 and specific legislation targeting money laundering activities, offences related to money laundering can result in imprisonment. The severity of the penalty often depends on the scale of the laundering operation and the amount of money involved.

Penalties for money laundering are significant due to the nature of the crime, which is often linked to broader criminal activities such as drug trafficking or terrorism financing. Convictions might entail:

In cases where the money laundering involves substantial amounts, the matter is typically referred to higher courts, such as the District Court, for trial and sentencing. The legal system takes into account both the act of laundering and the resultant financial implications, with the potential for cases involving significant sums to require more comprehensive judicial consideration under the relevant sections of the law.

Possible Defences for Money Laundering

Lack of Knowledge – A key defence involves demonstrating that the accused did not know, and had no reason to suspect, that the money or property involved was derived from criminal activity. Proving a lack of knowledge about the illicit origins of the funds or assets in question can be a viable defence against money laundering charges.

Legal Source of Funds – Another defence asserts that the funds or assets were obtained legally, and the accused can provide evidence of their legitimate origin. This requires detailed financial records and possibly witness testimony to substantiate the lawful nature of the income or assets.

Duress – Claiming that the accused was under duress, meaning they were forced into laundering money due to threats of harm or coercion, can serve as a defence. This would necessitate proving that the accused had no realistic alternative but to comply with the demands made of them.

Entrapment – In some cases, entrapment by law enforcement officials, where an individual is induced to commit a crime they would not have otherwise committed, can be argued. However, this defence is complex and requires clear evidence of undue persuasion or deception by authorities.

Intended to Prevent a Crime – Rarely, it might be argued that the actions taken were intended to prevent a more serious crime from occurring. This defence would require substantial proof that the accused’s intentions were to mitigate a greater legal violation.

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