What Is A Special Hardship Order?

Firstly, what is a special hardship order? A Special Hardship Order, or SHO, is designed to protect those who have been suspended from driving as a result of high range speeding (over 40km/h) or who have breached a ‘good behaviour’ period arising from accumulation of demerit points, who would face severe and unusual hardship if they were unable to drive. It’s not an excuse to drive wherever you like, but a considered legal recognition that sometimes life’s necessities, such as driving for work or family emergencies, should not be overshadowed by an error in judgment on the road.

How Does A Special Hardship Order Work?

When applying for a Special Hardship Order, you’ll need to prove that the inability to drive would cause “extreme hardship” to you or your family. This might be due to work, family commitments, or medical necessity. The process of applying for a Special Hardship Order typically entails assessing your eligibility, submitting an application form, and may even include appearing in court.

To be eligible, you need to hold a full Queensland Driver’s Licence and you cannot have had any suspensions or disqualifications (save for a licence suspension by SPER) within the last five years. A skilled lawyer can help you prepare all the necessary documentation and create affidavits including details of your driving history and the nature of your hardships.

Navigating Special Hardship Order Applications In QLD

Understanding the legal intricacies of the Special Hardship Order Application process in QLD can be daunting. That’s where Rana Lawyers come in. We can steer you seamlessly through the procedure.

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When it comes to Special Hardship Orders, you need to act fast. From the day your licence gets suspended, you only have a short window to lodge your Special Hardship Order application. The team at Rana Lawyers will ensure you act promptly. With our experienced team, you can be assured that all your paperwork will be meticulously prepared.

Our seasoned lawyers will represent you in the Magistrate’s Court, ensuring your case is presented compellingly. If your Special Hardship Order is approved, there are also important conditions that you will need to abide by. Our expert team will be able to assist you in understanding these conditions so you can prevent further legal issues.

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