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What is the meaning of affray?

Affray is threatening and violent behaviour conducted in public causing a disturbance of peace. Effectively, affray is an offence that involves violent or threatening anti-social behaviour.

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What are the penalties for affray charges?

The maximum penalty for affray is 2 years imprisonment according to section 72 of the Criminal Code Act 1899. A charge of affray may result in a wide array of penalties.

In determining the penalty, the Court will take into account the nature of and provocation for the melee caused; the degree of violence; the presence of any aggravating circumstances such as whether weapons were used; whether anyone involved or witnessing the situation was injured or killed; where the affray took place (proximity to a school for example); and whether witnesses would have feared for their safety.

If you are ‘adversely affected by an intoxicating substance’ then a Court is required to make a community service order as part of the penalty in accordance with section 108B of the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992.

Some common defences of affray charges include:

Given the seriousness of the offence, it is important to contact Rana Lawyers before you speak with the Police.

Criminal Law Experts in Affray Charges

We can help you understand the court process when it comes to affray charges.

If you are convicted of affray, the penalties vary from fines to terms of imprisonment. It is important to have your case assessed by a lawyer to determine the potential outcomes and consequences of being charged with this offence.

Once you contact Rana Lawyers for an initial consultation with one of our experienced assault lawyers, our team will assess your case, and provide an outline of what is to be expected from the case and what happens once you retain us.

If you are pleading guilty to an affray charge, you will be required to fund our firm’s services for the entirety of the matter.

Our team of experienced lawyers will then start processing the case material, as well as the prosecution’s material. From there, we respond to that material by having another conference with you, retrieving any material we need, and assessing whether the matter requires case conferencing with the Prosecution.

The next stage is attending Court and the sentencing hearing.
If there’s a trial, then it’s a much longer procedure, however, our team will lay out what is to be expected in that initial conference with you.

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